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Information for New Homeowners

Welcome to Hampton Lakes of Davenport HOA


Welcome to our community. Please find some general information about the neighborhood. Please contact the HOA Board or Don Asher with any questions.



Trash pickup occurs on Mondays. Recycling and yard waste are picked up on Fridays. 

Trash and recycle containers CANNOT be stored in the driveway or in front of the garage unless it has been approved by the Board of Directors. Hampton Lakes provides a trash valet service, the vendor will bring your trash and recycling bins to the curb and place them back on the side of your home in the correct location for you on pick-up days. All trash must be placed in bags and placed inside the trash container. Loose trash is not permitted. You may request additional trash and recycling bins through Polk County.

For questions regarding trash pick-up, please contact Polk County at 863-284-4319. For more information, please refer to Polk County’s Website:



Bulk Trash must be scheduled through Polk County Bulk Pick Up. Polk County has regulations that are subject to change. At this time, Polk County only allows two (2) bulk items to be picked up at once. To schedule a bulk pick-up, please contact Polk County at 863-284-4319 or online at their website: 



All property and misc. items must be stored out of view from the street or common areas. 


All architectural and/or landscape changes to your property must be approved by the Architectural Review Board BEFORE work is started. An application form can be found on the ARC committee page. Once completed this should then be forwarded to Don Asher. Making modifications to your property without approval can result in fines and remediation costs.


Important Deed Restrictions to note



Short term rentals of less than four (4) nights is not permitted within the community. Each property must be rented in its entirety. Single rooms may not be rented. 

Management Companies should register with Don Asher Management by emailing their management agreement to 

Please note: Homeowners are responsible for their guests, tenants, vacationers and management companies actions and are subject to violation enforcement via Attorney if they are not in compliance with the Rules and Regulations for the community. 



Restricted Vehicles & Home Based Businesses


Commercial vehicles, trailers, boats, mobile homes, golf carts, other recreational and inoperable vehicles must be stored in garages and are not permitted on driveways or roads within the community.

"commercial vehicles" shall be defined as any vehicle with commercial writing on their exterior or vehicles primarily used, designed or registered for a commercial purpose and vehicles with advertising signage attached or displayed on such vehicles exterior 

It is not permitted to operate any business from a home within the community, with the exception of a

Home office.

"Business" shall have its ordinary, generally accepted meaning and shall include, without limitation, any occupation, work, or activity undertaken on an ongoing basis which involves providing goods or services to persons other than the family of the producer and for which the producer receives a fee, compensation or other form of consideration, regardless of whether [A]  such activity is engaged in full or part time; [B] such activity is intended to or does generate a profit or [C] a license is required.

Pet Restrictions

There are deed restrictions regarding the type and number of pets permitted per home (3). Also bylaws concerning responsible dog ownership. Failure to adhere to the deed restrictions and bylaws regarding pet ownership and conduct will result in enforcement action being referred to the Attorney. Homeowners are responsible for the actions of their tenants and their pets.

The DCCRs provide further details of restricted Vehicles, Home Business, Pet and Lease restrictions.

Use restrictions can be found in Exhibit "C." page 75 of 120.

Please remember that every homeowner who has purchased a home on Hampton Lakes has signed a legally binding document agreeing to adhere to the deeds and restrictions that run with the community. All homeowners who lease their property to either long or short term tenants are responsible for ensuring that their tenants are fully aware and comply with the deed restrictions of the community.



Information on how to pay HOA fees can be found on the following page:

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