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Guide for Buyers and Realtors

HOA Management Company

For anyone purchasing a property on Hampton Lakes the first point of contact with the HOA should be made through the HOA Management Company, The management company is:


Don Asher and Associates Inc.

1801 Cook Avenue 

Orlando, FL 32806

Ph. 407-425-4561 

Fax 407-563-1757

Hampton Lakes Community Manager at Don Asher Management is: 

Name: Kelci Barnwell


Tel: (407) 425-4561 Ex. 201 

Fax: 407-563-1757

Kelci is responsible for overall management of the community, providing you with access to your owners account information and payment options. She reports to the HOA Board on a monthly basis but more frequently if a situation requires more immediate attention. Don Asher and Associates Inc. as a company is also responsible for the collection of HOA Dues from homeowners. HOA dues are used to finance a variety of services and maintenance programs within the community.

HOA Dues

Hampton Lakes HOA dues currently vary between 2 rates, depending on the irrigation system the property has: 

Maxicom Home Assessment $473.50  per property 

Rainbird Home Assessment $443.50 per property  

(information correct at December 2021) 

The due dates are; 1st Jan, 1st Apr, 1st July, and 1st Oct.

New Assessment rates as from Jan 1st 2023.

Maxicom Home Assessment $499.55

Rainbird Home Assessment $469.55

As a homeowner you will be classified as 'in arrears' if your payment is not submitted within 28 days of the due date. A financial penalty could be incurred for late payment.

If you need help paying your dues contact Don Asher  Team directly on: 407-425-4561 or email


At time of purchasing a home on Hampton Lake, all new owners are charged the equivalent of one year’s HOA dues as an “initial contribution”. The fee contributes towards general HOA reserves and supplements finances to maintain the high standards that exist in the community. 


HOA dues finance our community services without further charges being imposed on homeowners. These services include:


  1. Provision of an HOA Management service through Don Asher Management

  2. Private security patrols throughout the community.

  3. Maintenance of the communal facilities

  4. Legal costs for representation and guidance on general community issues

  5. Pest control in communal areas.

  6. A trash-cart service for all properties in the Community.

  7. Landscaping throughout the community which includes;

    • Regular grass cutting , fertilisation & pest control .

    • Bush and tree trimming

    • community-wide irrigation with the exception of 91 homes that are on the Rainbird irrigation system. (The Rainbird system generates an extra charge on individual properties on that system.)

  8. Apply appropriate corrective measures to any problems that may arise


HOA Website


As a new homeowner, you get access to a wide range of helpful and important information that is not available on the public pages.

To gain access to information you should make your initial contact by clicking on “Contact Us” on the website and provide your contact details. To sign up as a homeowner on this website, you need to sign up using the link at the bottom of the page. Your membership will then be sent to be approved, verifying you are a HL homeowner, before your access to the member only sections of the website is granted. The website also gives you access to a variety of important documents including;

  • DCCR’s

  • Various Policy Documents

  • Bylaws

  • Minutes of meetings

  • And a host of other HOA information

HOA Newsletters

Newsletters are issued quarterly to help keep all homeowners up to date on news, developments, events and much more relating to Hampton Lakes. Copies of past newsletters can be found on the HOA website. Once you have provided your contact details through the website you will be added to the Newsletter distribution list which ensures you receive all future issues. As an alternative, just contact the HOA with your details in an email and you will be added to the distribution list.


Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

New owners should recognise that rules exist for anyone wishing to change the external appearance of their property.

Most applications receive automatic approval, but the process creates reasonable controls to maintain standards throughout the community

Such changes would include but not limited to the following;

  • Painting or Changing the external colour of the home

  • Other changes to the external appearance

  • Installing a privacy fence

  • Installation of guttering

  • Landscaping

  • Etc, etc

Hampton Lakes is a Deed restricted community.

There are strict restrictions regarding use throughout the community.

These restrictions include Use of home , restricted vehicles ,number and types of pets and more.

All properties must be maintained to a given standard to retain the aesthetics of the community.



Prospective buyers are advised to contact Don Asher regarding ARC applications and Particularly Use restrictions within the community prior to purchase.

Standards and Conformity Committee (SCC)

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